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Since November 1997, Dividian Technologies has been working on developing web pages, Java Applets. We also scan (and return) images at high resolutions and colors.

We are planning to tackle both personal and small business web sites, as well as large and small scanning projects.

For our web pages, we use mainly Windows Notepad, entering all HTML codes and images by hand. At the present moment, we use Netscape Communicator 4.04, Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0, Opera 3.1, and a small demo from QNX Technologies for our testing and troubleshooting. We plan to include Macintosh as a testing platform as soon as possible.
For more info on Web Pages, click here!

For scanning we are using an inexpensive, yet very high-quality scanner, which is capable of resolutions of 4800DPI with 32-bit color. Although we don't generally perform touch-ups, modifications to images can be done (i.e. a person's name in the bottom corner).
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